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Gimmicks in B2C

In consumer marketing creation of experience as a marketing instrument has become very important.
Companies in B2C markets (so called A-brands) prepare for this by having samples of their brands sent with popular magazines.
Also a lot of magazines are made more attractive for consumers by adding small free gifts.

Manual onserting

For flat gimmicks, CD’s and alike, there are special onserters on the market, like pick & placers or friction feeders.
But all the others, with odd dimensions, 3D-gimmicks, have to be onserted manually.
And that disturbs the packaging process of these magazines considerably.

HWEC mosaic

Highlights GF04

  • Double speed
  • No changeover
  • Safety and logistics CE
  • Unlimited gimmicks
  • Payback < ½ year

Manual onserting

Manual onserting is unsafe and very unergonomic. Furthermore it results in low speeds, unforseen delays, missing gimmicks.
This leads to increase of production costs for these gimmick orders. Even delivery on schedule may be in danger.
For these reasons customers resign from these orders or go to competitors.

Patented gimmick feeder GF04

The gimmick feeder GF04 is ergonomic and solves this serious problem. With the GF04 the onserting of 3D-gimmicks can be done faster, more accurate and efficient, resulting in more turnover and higher margin.

Specifications gimmicks on GF04

Width Length Height
Max 160 250 50
Min 10 25 4

Easy integration with all packaging lines

The gimmick feeder GF04 operates with its own trigger photocell and encoder. Once these are installed to the wrapping line the GF04 is operational.


GF04 layout

Gimmick Feeder CadGimmick Feeder Beurs

Gimmick feeder mosaic

Autoloader AL06

Autoloader AL06

During stand-still of the packaging line boxes are cut open and put on the big shelf of the autoloader AL06.
From there the gimmicks are occasionally poured into the AL06.

With a foot pedal the operator can have a desired quantity of gimmicks to the shuffle table of the GF04.
In this way there are always enough and never too many gimmicks on the suffle table.
This is important to run higher speeds with the GF04.

Better logistics

The process of handling orders with 3D-gimmicks from carton boxes is logistically better to organize, thanks to the application of the AL06.
As a consequence and for the higher speed the gimmick orders are easier to schedule.

3D drawing AL06 + GF04

Gimmick Feeder + Auto Loader Cad

Autoloader mosaic

Gimmick-Stacker-Strapper GSS

Gimmick Stacker Strapper

specifications bundles GSS (in mm)

Length Width Height
Min 170 200 10
Max 350 340 160

The newest development is a bundlestacker with extended full guidance into a cross-strapper. The stack is automatically pushed to where it is strapped the first time.
Then the stack is turned over 90° and cross strapped. After that the stack doesn’t tumble over.

Savings of 2 to 3 people

With gimmicks > 15 mm thickness, at higher speeds 2 or 3 persons can be saved with the GSS.


Gimmick stacker strapper mosaic

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